Ayurvedic Management of Adhesive Otitis Media - A Case Study

  • Gangaprasad Anantrao Waghmare Assistant Professor, Department of Shalakya Tantra, K G Mittal Ayurveda College, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India http://orcid.org/0000-0003-0141-9084
Keywords: Adhesive Otitis Media, Audiometry, Diminished of hearing, hearing loss, Karna Badhirya, Nasya, Tinnitus


In Adhesive Otitis Media, abnormal remodeling disrupts the ability of sound to travel from the middle ear to the inner ear resulting in Conductive Deafness. It can be managed by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, Antihistamine drugs, Steroid Nasal Spray & if not treated then Tympanoplasty combined with eustachian tube balloon dilatation is the treatment of adhesive otitis media; But still the recurrence of Disease is High. A 50 years old Female patient visited the outpatient department of Institute with complaint of Diminished of hearing in both ear (Left ear > Right ear), Ringing sensation in both ear & Blocking sensation of both ear. The patient was diagnosed as case of Adhesive Otitis Media with clinical findings & Investigations done. Capsule Palsinuron(Phyto pharma),Powder combination of Sitopaladi churna (1gm)+ Ashwagandha Churna(1gm)+Punarnava Churna(500 mg)+Godanti Bhasma (125mg) three times a day with luke warm water & Syp Dashmooladi Kwath 10ml three times a day with luke warm water were administered for 3 months And Shadbindu Taila Nasya 6drops once a daily for 21 days. After the 3 months’ treatment, a significant response in various symptoms such as Diminished of hearing, ringing sensation & blocking of ear was found.

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